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Holiday Cheer Networking Event

5:30 pm to 8:00 pm Open Meeting

Leveraging Different Business Models for Speakers

Aldonna Ambler, CSP
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm Members Only

20 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content for Publicity and Profit

Jill Schiefelbien
8:30 am to 12:00 pm Open Meeting

From Gerry Lantz, NSA-PHL President 2016-2017

NSA-PHL November 2016 Letter from the President

Gerry LantzNovember 2016 — Everyone who participated in our October Fundraiser with Michael Port, Neen James, David Newman, and Avish Parashar received the “best in the business” coaching and ideas you could implement immediately to improve your speaking business.

And that's what happens when we get together, valuable ideas get shared: ideas that can improve your platform skills and make the cash register ring. As speakers, we’re always tweaking our websites to improve our websites. Well, STOP THE TWEAKING AND TURN YOUR WEBSITE INTO A MARKET DOMINATING MACHINE.

Register now for Heather Lutze’s presentation November 18th:Marketing Espionage: How to Leverage Competitive Intelligence to Dominate Online

The description of her session (to the left) offers you two valuable freebies to analyze your website and provide insight how to, as Heather says, “Become a Fierce Competitor Online.” Bring the results of the analysis of your website and your computer to this session.

Also, for our NSA-PHL Members Only - we want to see you on November 29th with Steve Coscia. I have spent time with Steve Coscia at his house as he leads the most powerful and action-oriented sessions. No theories, no fluff, just great ideas and steps you can take—and he makes you commit to those actions—to grow your speaking business. Steve tapped his “inner blue-collar guy” and leveraged it into a successful speaking career. Sit with Steve in his family room; it’s friendly, fun, and full of insights and ideas you can use.

See you there!

My Best,

Gerry Lantz

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As an organization, NSA Philadelphia is committed to increasing the public's awareness of the professional speaker by promoting integrity, visibility and performance skills. Our members don't compete; we support each other through knowledge, networking and communication.

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How to Succeed as a Public Speaker

Professional speaking is a very easy profession in which to get started and a very challenging profession in which to succeed. Our NSA Philadelphia Speakers Academy program can help you develop a step by step process to accelerate your speaking success.

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