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Seasoned speakers and those brand new to our unique profession of public speaking are invited to join NSA Philadelphia.

NSA-PHL provides the Speaking Community with links to professional development, networking, resources, and, of course, speaking opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Book More Business!™ Marketing for the Experienced Speaker

Lois Creamer
9:00 am to 12:00 pm Open Meeting

Sell Your Thoughts: How to Build Your Thought Leadership Practice

Neen James, CSP
9:00 am to 12:00 pm Open Meeting

Turning a Speech into a Six-Figure Relationship

Ron Karr, CSP, CPA, President of NSA
9:00 am to 12:00 pm Open Meeting

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Why Should You Join NSA-PHL?

'It's a Collaborative Thing'

As an organization, NSA Philadelphia is committed to increasing the public's awareness of the professional speaker by promoting integrity, visibility and performance skills. Our members don't compete; we support each other through knowledge, networking and communication.

Must-Have Resource

How to Succeed as a Public Speaker

Professional speaking is a very easy profession in which to get started and a very challenging profession in which to succeed. Our NSA Philadelphia Speakers Academy program can help you develop a step by step process to accelerate your speaking success.

President's Message

'Tireless Volunteers'

Cynthia SharpOctober 2014 — This month’s letter is dedicated to Chapter Volunteers who work tirelessly in running our organization. While many administrative duties are handled by Connie Bernard of Seamless Events (our management company), significant hours are spent each month (mostly behind the scenes) by a number of people - members and non-members alike. Read more of Cynthia Sharp's message

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