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NSA-PHL provides the Speaking Community with links to professional development, networking, resources, and, of course, speaking opportunities.

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'You Can’t Spell Message without M-E-S-S'

Friday, May 20 — Judy brings her "Message of You" comedy workshop to NSA Philadelphia. Learn more or register now

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Presidential Thoughts

Scott SimonsTuesday, May 10, 2016 — Wow! What a year of incredibly valuable content driven through our programs this year, and, guess what?! It isn’t over yet. On May 20th – next week, we have the one and only Judy Carter coming to Philadelphia. Judy brings a level of enthusiasm that will rock your world. More from Scott Simons

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'It's a Collaborative Thing'

As an organization, NSA Philadelphia is committed to increasing the public's awareness of the professional speaker by promoting integrity, visibility and performance skills. Our members don't compete; we support each other through knowledge, networking and communication.

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How to Succeed as a Public Speaker

Professional speaking is a very easy profession in which to get started and a very challenging profession in which to succeed. Our NSA Philadelphia Speakers Academy program can help you develop a step by step process to accelerate your speaking success.

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