NSA-Philadelphia Membership includes:
  • Speakers who derive the majority of their income from speaking, consulting, conducting seminars, workshops or other paid presentations. Some members deliver as many as 100-250 presentations per year.
  • Speakers who derive a lesser part of their income from the above activities while being employed in another capacity such as: author, meeting planner, association executive, teacher, ghostwriter, actor, entertainer, business executive, media personality, professional athlete or coach.
  • Individuals who are associated with professional speaking or serve the speaking or meetings industry, for example, those who market or produce films, audio or video tapes, books or seminars, or deal in public relations or advertising. To join or renew your membership online using a credit card, please click the Membership button.
NSA National Membership

Please note: You cannot join the NSA-PHL chapter without first being a NSA National Professional Member.

Cost of National Membership: Please visit the NSA National website for different membership levels and financial investment.

NSA-Philadelphia Levels & Costs

Standard NSA-PHL Membership
Advanced NSA-PHL Membership
  • Qualifications: Member of NSA National AND...
    • Past President of NSA-PHL OR
    • CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) OR
    • 10+ years member of NSA-PHL
  • Cost: $110/year